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Oshnoritsu's site and home of Dead Storm Studios

Discworld Page
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Discworld Page
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With the Discworld page, I am leaving this here as a tribute to the late Terry Pratchett and the Discworld MUD.

I still play Discworld but am very busy with building my game studio page and making game titles for Next Generation Consoles

Welcome to Oshnoritsu's Disc page,


In discworld anything can happen, but warning, dont multi-play, seek quest help offend in any way you will be in trouble with creators. (Oshnoritsu is where a name from discworld which stuck)

There is on the Discworld Webite when you use your Discworld login, a site which is dedicated for Quest solutions though.

Home of Discworld

Katsumoto's Wizardry

Undertaker's Priest services and Taxi locations

There's a page in progress which belongs to Onikage (my Discworld Assassin) I will also make my own page for my Discworld character who's a Samurai


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